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Godrej & Boyce launches water rejuvenation project to bring 1.67 million litres of clean water to Chunni Kalan village in Punjab


Mohali, February 14, 2022: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, today inaugurated Project Pragati, a CSR initiative to rejuvenate a community pond located near Vishwakarma Mandir of Chunni Kalan village which is in proximity of Godrej & Boyce plant in Mohali, Punjab. The multi-stakeholder project is being carried out in collaboration with Chunni Kalan Village Panchayat and Sehgal Foundation, an organization with expertise in rural development projects.

With the rejuvenated pond, the 140 families living in its vicinity will get a clean environment and channelled waste-water disposal. The 10 families which surround the pond will further be able to utilize the pond water. Additionally, the water carrying capacity of the pond created is 1.67 million litres of usable water. With measures to divert the sewage water and solid waste inflow from the pond, a major improvement in the health and sanitation outcomes for the residents is also expected.

Earlier, due to contamination of pond water, access to clean water was a major issue for the village residents. The accumulation of silt and dumping of waste in the pond rendered the pond water unusable and turned it into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Prior to project launch, measures were taken to ensure safe excavation and disposal of silt. A strong embankment to prevent flooding was constructed from soil imported from nearby regions. A sedimentation system has been included to prevent physical wastes such as plastics, bottles, papers, debris etc. from entering the pond.

The village panchayat is also providing the required support for effective implementation of the project.

Commenting on the initiative Ashwini Deodeshmukh, Head CSR & Sustainability, said, “Aligned with our commitment towards sustainability and social transformation, Godrej & Boyce has been working in a concerted manner for holistic development of underserved communities. Along with improving outcomes for education, health, and women empowerment, ensuring water sufficiency in communities is a core transformational area. Our initiatives to improve access to water focus on three key parameters: increase water availability; increase community access to water; Improve quality of water. We are pleased that Project Pragati in Chunni Kalan village will bring clean water and health benefits to the residents.”

The community water-development initiatives of Godrej & Boyce include enabling collection of water, recharging of ground water levels, restoration and rejuvenation of existing water bodies, construction of water storage solutions based on current and future needs, creation of water distribution systems, and water filtration to make it suitable for drinking. All these projects are collaborative efforts with the active support and contribution from the gram panchayats and local households.

Speaking about the importance of local support Anjali Makhija, CEO, Sehgal Foundation, said, “Improving access to water is an important part of rural development. Proper wastewater and solid waste management can not only enhance the quality and availability of water, but also bring improvement in health indicators for many families. Active participation of village panchayat and local community will further strengthen the longevity and sustainability of this project.”

About Godrej & Boyce
Godrej & Boyce (‘G&B’), a Godrej Group company, was founded in 1897, and has contributed to India’s journey of self-reliance through manufacturing. G&B patented the world’s first springless lock and since then, has diversified into 14 businesses across various sectors from Security, Furniture, Aerospace to Infrastructure and Defence. Godrej is one of India’s most trusted brands serving over 1.1bn customers worldwide daily.
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Yashodhara Roy
Corporate Communication & PR, Godrej & Boyce

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Sr. Account Executive, Avian WE

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