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Defender Safe with Safe Deposit Locker

Defender Safe with Safe Deposit Locker is a perfect solution where constructing a vault room with a safe deposit locker facility is not possible. Here the lockers are housed inside the safe. This solution caters to the varying needs of bankers and provides different size and locking options.

The perfect combination
The perfect combination

Offer both space and security to the customers as these safe deposit lockers are housed in the Godrej Defender range of safes.

Ideal security partner
Ideal security partner

Designed and tested to resist burglary attacks, these safes are available in different sizes that help enable banks and other institutions overcome their space constraints and meet client needs.

Robust construction
Robust construction

Made of tough steel plates with a special drill and hammer resistant steel door, these safes are manufactured to the highest degree of sturdiness and precision.


Customization option on any safe from Defender Plus range of safes to cater to varying needs, size and space requirement.

group_work Technical Specifications
    Model Number of Lockers in each type Gross Weight Overall Dimensions
      A A1 B C D D1 E F F1 (kgs) Height Width Depth
                          (h)(cm) (w)(cm) (d)(cm)
    61 Def Plus with 29 Lockers - 27       2       1500 155 78.5 72.5
    81 Def Plus with 36 Lockers 24     8       2 2 2675 204.5 95 88
    81 Def Plus with 46 Lockers 40     4       2   2725 204.5 95 88
    81 Def Plus with 56 Lockers 56                 2775 204.5 95 88
    81 Def Plus with 90 Lockers 90                 3600 212.5 130 88
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