Dec 19, 2023

A comprehensive guide to get the most out of your Godrej Microwave Oven

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~Don’t just reheat, find out several uses of your microwave oven and unleash your inner chef


The microwave oven is an incredibly versatile kitchen appliance yet is often misunderstood because people tend to limit its usage to just reheating food. However, with its various pre-set menus, a convection microwave oven can be a reliable kitchen aid that not only saves time and effort, serves you a great variety and helps maintain your health. It goes beyond simply reheating meals and is suitable for cooking, air frying, grilling, roasting, toasting, baking, fermenting, defrosting, steaming, and even boiling; thereby eliminating the need to invest in multiple appliances that take up precious counter space in the kitchen. Whether you're a baker, a food-lover looking to experiment, a homemaker, or a busy professional, the microwave oven can be your indispensable assistant.
Here are a few suggestions on how you could get the most out of your Godrej microwave oven :

Cook like a pro every time with pre-set Insta Cook menus
If you are really busy, or short on time to cook variety of dishes, or find yourself frequently ordering food due to the skill and effort required for cooking, consider exploring the world of microwave oven cooking. With 450+ Insta Cook menus in Godrej Microwave ovens, there's no need to manually adjust the temperature and time for each dish. Simply gather all ingredients, select the desired quantity and recipe from the pre-programmed menu, and let your microwave oven do the cooking without constant manual intervention. From breakfast recipes to soups, curries, breads, rice, desserts, and more, you can prepare a wide range of daily meals effortlessly. Cook rice in just 16 minutes, Suji Ka Halwa in 8 minutes, and curries in a mere 10 minutes. Some models even offer a special tadka mode, tailored to meet the specific needs of Indian cooking.

Slash your oil intake with Healthy Air Fry mode
This feature is perfect for those who prioritize a healthy lifestyle and are mindful of their oil intake. Use ‘Healthy Air-fry mode’ in the Godrej Microwave to cook your food with up to 90% less oil than traditional cooking methods, while still preserving the taste. Additionally, the microwave oven's even heat distribution ensures there is uniformity in cooking and browning on all sides, without the need to constantly flip or rotate the food, saving you time and effort. Indulge in your favorite fried foods such as samosas, pakoras, french fries, cutlets, and more, guilt-free, by making them in the microwave in just 15 minutes with much lesser oil.

Prepare steaming hot dishes in a jiffy
Steaming food items in your microwave oven is super easy and it takes just 4- 6 minutes. You can effortlessly make steamed momos, dumplings, even idlis in no time. From the Insta Cook menu, simply select the idli option to achieve perfectly steamed idlis in just 5 minutes, significantly faster than steaming it in the pressure cooker. What’s more, you can utilize this method to cook potatoes, corn, broccoli, or any other vegetables, and instantly incorporate them into salads, pasta/noodle dishes, or curries.

Simplify your baking endeavors
If you are new to baking and not sure of the temperatures and time settings, you can use the Insta cook menu in the Godrej microwave oven. It will automatically set the suitable temperature and time of the dish, ensuring consistent and reliable results. From cakes, muffins, fudge, breads, cookies, biscuits, to even pizza bases, you can bake a wide variety of treats. The baking process typically takes only 10-30 minutes, depending on the dish you are preparing.

Achieve the perfect grill each time
If you're hosting a home party and want to impress your guests with delicious grilled starters, explore these quick microwave oven recipes. Grilling vegetables and meats in a microwave oven offers unparalleled convenience and speed. The microwave oven ensures even heating from all sides, while preserving the crispiness of the crust and juiciness inside. Next time you have guests over, delight them with a platter of grilled corn, paneer, and meats accompanied by a selection of delightful dips, without the need to spend time tending to a barbecue. Moreover, you can grill a pizza in just 8 minutes, garlic bread in 10 minutes, and kebabs, prawns, fish, veg cutlets, or cheese balls in just 15 minutes.

Ferment foods rapidly in your microwave
Did you know that fermentation, which typically takes 10-12 hours, can be completed within just 2 hours in a microwave oven? This accelerated fermentation is due to the microwave oven's ability to consistently maintain the ideal temperature of up to 40°C required for the process. Forgot to leave your idli batter overnight for fermentation? No worries, you can still achieve the desired results at any time during the day using your microwave oven. The same goes for fermenting dosa batter, appam batter, jalebi batter, dhokla batter, and more. Simply transfer the freshly made batter into a large microwave-safe vessel, place it in the microwave oven, select the fermentation mode, enter the weight, and press start.

Save time with Rapid Defrost mode
Defrosting frozen foods can be time-consuming. However, if you're looking to quickly prepare your meal, the defrost option in your microwave can be a time saver. Its rapid defrost mode efficiently melts ice crystals without cooking the food, bringing it to a normal temperature in no time. By using a Godrej inverter microwave oven, you can enjoy the added benefit of 40% faster defrosting compared to traditional methods.

Now that you're aware of the versatile capabilities of your microwave oven, we encourage you to make the most of it and save yourself valuable time and effort while also taking care of your family’s health.

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